Badass Badge

this months badass badge winner

New Age Active is not about us, it's about all of you. So we think that you deserve a Shout Out when you do an awesome job (which is more often then not!) So hence, the NAA Badass Badge, for that one person every month who truly kicked some ass. Hats off to you, you deserve it.




Carls fitness goal was to put on some muscle and make some serious gains, focusing mostly on the leg area. He started training with me in January and after only 12 sessions he's gone from 64kg to 66.4kg! He's also gained 2 inches on each of his thighs and inches elsewhere too.

He's kept up with his calorie intake and has given everything to every single session, and it shows! He's making progress faster than expected and has made some brilliant strength gains too.

Plus, I've never seen someone be able to do such a high box jump on their first go! 

Keep it up man, you're killin' it.

- Sam