“Don't Stop The Peelin’' Healthy Ice Lollies

It’s summer! I mean it’s FINALLY summer! If anyone else is reading this who lives in the UK you will totally understand the explanation points. I feel like we’ve had a winter longer than Game of Thrones...

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2018: The Year of Zen

With 2018 upon us many of you are thinking about New Years Resolutions. With this many of you will be thinking ‘I’m going to be a new healthier me’ and you’ll want to join a gym or Personal Training, which is fab! It’s one of the best decisions you’ll make and also one of the most rewarding hobbies.

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My thighs, my monsterous thighs!

Anyone thought this and freaked out just a little? I certainly have...

What tends to happen when you start resistance training (be it free weights, machines, bands, anything...) and you see a lot of progress to begin with. Awesome 'Hulk' strength early on which gives you some serious motivation and you start going nuts in the gym, great!

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