My thighs, my monsterous thighs!


"I've been working out for 5 months and my thighs are getting huge! Why!?"

Anyone thought this and freaked out just a little? I certainly have...

What tends to happen when you start resistance training (be it free weights, machines, bands, anything...) and you see a lot of progress to begin with. Awesome 'Hulk' strength early on which gives you some serious motivation and you start going nuts in the gym, great!

Until you start noticing things getting BIGGER, your shoulders, your back and your thighs....oh god not the thighs! Why the thighs?! And you start to panic: "I started the gym to get smaller not bigger, whats happening?!" Now calm down you lot, this is totally normal.

And I can tell you know you're not getting fatter, you're just getting 'bigger'. Yes those skinny jeans from Topshop (with those unrealistic childlike sizes) might be feeling a bit snug and you may have to jump around a little to get into them, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is because you're packing on some glorious MUSCLE, and muscle my friend is that magic material that makes your body have some beautifully carved curves.

But I get your annoyance at these newly forming Thunder Thighs, and at this point you may be thinking "Damn I need to stop squatting, sack off those lunges Gary! I'm going home..." and you'll feel like forgetting about legs all together in the bid to keep them from growing. Now hold that thought, because this is definitely not a good idea...

Because that muscle you're gaining is doing what?.....burning fat.

Hell yeah people, muscle mass burns fat at rest so the more you have the more of a fat-burning machine you'll be. So if you stick to that training and keep working those legs hard you'll start to notice something else happening...

You'll begin to lose that layer of fat which has been sitting on top of your lovely muscle; that layer which make those jeans hard to get into, that layers which in certain lights can look like the surface of a golf ball (damn you cellulite, damn you!) Yes, this layer will begin to melt away and you'll start to see the rewards of all your hard work underneath. Those beautifully formed pins with all the right kind of curves.

So my advice to you is to stick it out, you'll have that annoying stage where you feel each thigh is like an extra torso but this will pass I promise. 

Besides as of 2017 'big thighs' are totally in, just take some of the awesome chica's on the fitness Instagram world such as Grace (@gracefituk) who's thighs are a force to be reckoned with!

Big is beautiful after all, and we shouldn't leave our thighs behind with that one.