The 'Son of a Nutcracker' Workout


So it’s Christmas this Monday and if you’re anything like us your Christmas Eve is going to be a marathon of Christmas films, mince pies and mulled wine
(yes we know how to party this festive season).

So we’ve picked out favourite Christmas film and made it into a work out….drum roll please… we’ve chosen Elf (purely because he says ‘Cotton-headed ninny-muggins’ I mean that’s reason enough right?)

Elf Movie.jpg

So, if you’re watching Elf here’s a little something you can do:


Whenever you hear “Buddy” or “Elf” 
Hold a plank for 40 seconds


Each time Buddy eats something naughty
(you'll be doing a ton of these in the Spaghetti breakfast scene!) 

Do 30 Lunges


Each time the Naughty or Nice List is mentioned
Do 20 burpee’s


Each time Buddy screams “SANTA!”
(extra brownie points if you also scream Santa)

Do 20 Jump Squats


Whenever Buddy sings
Do 30 Mountain Climbers


When Buddy breaks something
Do 10 Push-ups


When you hear the words “Christmas spirit”
(the end of the film is gonna be tough for this one!)

Do 30 crunches

(Diagram source:


And remember don’t cheat! Otherwise you’ll end up on the naughty list
(Oops that’s 20 Burpee’s! We are mean aren’t we)

Enjoy! And have an awesome Christmas folks!

Megan & Sam