Behind the Scenes of 'Believe Bigger'


This year me & Sam teamed up with local film makers the Wise Guys to make a video, we wanted to see what we could create together and we wanted to show what it's really like in the life of a Personal Trainer: the early starts, the crazy food prep, the tough workouts, the ups, the downs and everything in between!


Charlie Ray

Director | Wise Guys


sam gott

Director | Wise Guys


For a video that is only 1:08 minutes long we couldn't believe how much time and effort went into it! It was epic to see the guys in their element over the weekend of filming, catching the angles, getting the lighting right, getting enough shots.

It started with a super cold and soggy start on a Saturday morning, meeting the guys at Woburn Park at 7am to capture the running shots. They had the help of Jonah Pinny who took all these awesome shots, and Neil Cain who piloted the drone..... yeah, we had a drone, let that badboy sink in.

I don't think I've run so much in my life! It was cold as hell but it was so worth it.


Next were the cooking and indoor shots (Sam did the cooking obviously, because I suck at it!) Pretty much showing how much food prep we do day-to-day, how we experiment with recipes, combo's and meals to ensure we're giving our clients the best (and tastiest) options. Was a really relaxed evening with some cool shots, the best ones were the ones taken in the fridge (yeah the camera was like INSIDE the fridge) casually next to all the mental tupperware we have, just chillin'.......literally.


Last but not least, were the gym shots and these were definitely our favourite! Because we pretty much got a workout in too! Plus I now have video evidence that I can do at least one pull-up (and no ones taking that away from me). We used this awesome gym space at Energie Fitness in Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes which had a little Crossfit section we could throw around some Kettlebells in. Safe to say we ached like hell after those scenes... 


So really mine & Sam's part was over! The guys then took time to edit, crop and create the finished video. They put an amazing amount of effort in, not only on the days filming but afterwards as well and we can't thank them enough.

See the video below and let us know what you think! 



Sam Gott and Charlie Ray
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Jonah Pinny
Photographer & Film Assistant | @jonahtander

Neil Cain
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Energie Fitness
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