Why you can totally indulge at Christmas


So it gets to the Christmas period and start to panic about all the looming calories. All those festive food markets, the classic ‘Work Do’ (with pretty much a fountain of Prosecco), Christmas day itself (where you eat your own bodyweight in turkey) and then those days after where you just hoover up the masses of leftovers.... 

It can be overwhelming and it can also cause a bit of a panic, in some cases it makes a festive time of the year a bit anxious and un-enjoyable. Which sucks right? Right.


So here’s what we suggest: Don’t worry too much.

Easier said than done right? But look at it this way, you’ve spent most of your year watching your food, eating clean and working up a sweat and it’s sorta now time to reward yourself a little bit. 

Saying that there’s definitely a happy medium; we’re not saying you can now eat a whole family sized box of mince pies everyday until Christmas (I mean that would be impressive but still, don’t do it), but you can totally have a few a week for sure.

Look at it like a bit of Ying and Yang, if you’re a bit healthy up until Christmas Day (say we don’t have ALL those sausage rolls at the Christmas market, or you just have your cheese board and not your mate Gary’s as well at the Work Do or you decline that extra gingerbread man from Nan) small healthy decisions means you have scope to be a bit naughtier on the day itself.


But on Christmas Day just enjoy yourself, and remember one day will not make a difference to your progress. You’d have to eat around 6,000 calories in one day for you to even gain any weight at all (challenge accepted!) So it’s really nothing to worry about. In my case I find having one day off beneficial, the indulgence is enjoyed but it also resets me to want to be healthy again.

It’ll do your mind and your belly a lot of good, now pile on the Turkey and cranberry sauce!

And have a very Merry Christmas.