Small Boobs are Badass


 Instagram, it’s the biggest visual social tool on the planet and probably the most influential in terms of how it can affect our mood.

For example, have you ever scrolled through your feed and seen a series of glamorous photos, photos of people travelling the world, looking gorgeous with beautiful houses, well behaved kids and not a care in the world. After a few minutes of what you feel is harmless scrolling you stop and suddenly feel this emptiness, you then decide that your life is complete crap because it’s nowhere near as perfect as the ones you’ve just seen.

Sound familiar?

Well, trust me you’re not alone. It’s quite common nowadays to compare yourself images on social media, it’s now recognised as affecting our mental health because without meaning to it just gets us down. But it’s time to take action, you can turn this around and make Instagram make you feel better. First things first, every time you see one of these gorgeous photos, tell yourself that it’s not real. Because 9 times out of 10 it isn’t, these are Instagram influencers and this is their profession. The photos you see are their product which have been put together to entice you into buying into them. But these images are not realistic and don’t truly show what their life is really like.

Remember, treat these photos as fiction not fact,

 The second thing to do is to fill your feed with positive pages. Ones that will give you a lift instead of putting you down, that reassure you that your life, your body and how you feel is totally and utterly okay. I have a few which I follow which I completely adore:

@girlboss (amazing for sharing stories of strong independent women)

@recipesforselflove (this page reassures you that having emotion is okay, take a look if you have a down day)

@thisgirlcanuk (if you fancy seeing some amazing women being awesome this is the page for you)

@pink_bits (amazing illustrator! And she talks about real womanly issues which I love!)

@small.boobs.are.badass (If you’re a fellow itty bitty titty commitee member like me, you’ll love this one)

I also have a confession, Small Boobs are Badass is a page I’ve created. It’s because this used to be a real body issue of mine. For a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee I used to feel immense pressure to have larger boobs within the fitness world of Instagram. Everywhere I looked, women with small boobs were getting operations and changing themselves, it made me feel like my tiny boobs didn’t belong in this world… it took me a few years to really realise that the insecurity was just in my mind, there really wasn’t anything wrong with me at all, I just felt like there was because there wasn’t any influences telling me any different.

This is why I made this page, because I knew other women must be feeling how I did a few years ago. I wanted to be that positive influence that will help women love their Itty Bitty’s, feel confident, beautiful and at home in their own skin.


I didn’t want to highlight this beauty by only sharing images, I wanted to hear what real women though by creating a community.

So everyday I connect with amazing women on Instagram, all sizes and all shapes to find out what they love most about their chest. In a world so full of body augmentation, low self esteem and depression I wanted to create a place which gave us all a little nudge to remind us that we’re fine just the way we are.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 16.05.15.png

I’ve met some fascinating and truly inspirational women along the way, I adore asking them different questions, such as: “What do you love the most about your small boobs?” “When did you start to feel most confident with them?” and “If you met someone who didn’t feel amazing about their itty bitty’s, what would you say to them?” And hearing the most amazing responses. All honest and heartfelt.

Even though I created this page for other ladies It’s been incredibly liberating for me, I’ve found even more confidence with myself which is amazing!

If you’re a little lady like me please know that you are not alone, there are hundreds of gorgeous ladies out there with small chests that rock them on a daily basis. keep spreading the positivity around Instagram and know that you are totally stunning just as you are.