'Save me this Summer' Healthy Cocktails



If anyone is currently living in the UK you’ll also know that we’ve had the longest and hottest summers ever, EVER.

It’s like living in the Sahara but in a country which has no idea how to deal with it, with our heavily insulated houses, melting roads and supermarkets running low on pretty much everything: ice, fans, air conditioners... frozen peas.

And if you’re anything like me, when you’re feeling hot all I think is: “god damn I could go for a nice cold cocktail right about now”

Well, I hear you guys… and boy do I have some recipes to answer your prayers.
Here are my absolute faves that will melt away the Sahara struggle into a mirage of lush beaches and holiday vibes:



For one drink:

3 mint leaves
1 lime wedge
Cucumber slices
1 oz. white rum
Sprite Zero Cucumber (or normal diet lemonade)

Mix mint leaves with white rum and the juice from lime wedge (1/8 of the lime). Do this by lightly crushing the mint (just until the leaves bruise) don't shred the mint into oblivion! Pour the mixture into your glass, fill with crushed ice, a slice of cucumber and top off with the diet soda. Done!


Snaps Cocktail

For one drink:

One shot of vodka
Tropicana Trop50 Raspberry Lemonade
Twist of lemon
Stick of rosemary
A couple of blueberries

Mix it all together in a martini glass and feel like Carrie from Sex and the City!

autri-taheri-370746-unsplash (1) copy.jpg

Randarita (even Lady Gaga is a fan!)

For one drink:

One shot of Vanilla Bacardi
Pink Lucozade Light

Mix together and enjoy a cocktail that tastes like candy floss, plus anything that Lady Gaga likes, I like.


Vitality Vodka Lemonade

For a fair few drinks:

1 cucumber
2 celery sticks
1 head of lettuce
1 lemon
1 small piece of ginger
2 green apples
A couple of slices of orange

Blend all together in a juicer or blender and serve in a trendy jar or glass (for extra hipster authenticity), add the vodka as you wish but taste as you go. Super refreshing and tasty!

bar-beverage-cocktail-8520 (1) copy.jpg

Enjoy and let us know which one is your fave! Or feel free to add to the ever-growing list of cocktails I have pinned on my fridge this summer, the more the merrier (literally).