2018: The Year of Zen


First of all, Happy New Year to all of you wonderful lot!

With 2018 upon us many of you might still be thinking about New Years Resolutions. Some will be thinking ‘I’m going to be a new healthier me’ and you’ll want to join a gym take up Personal Training, which is fab! It’s one of the best decisions you’ll make and also one of the most rewarding hobbies.

But in this day and age we’re all living hectic lifestyles, and you’ll need something to help balance your work-life, home-life and now fitness-life.

We already feel the strain this can cause and so myself & Sam have made our own New Years Resolution to help battle the stresses of modern life. We’ve decided to pay more attention to our ‘well-being’, and before you think “Oh god, these hipster dudes are going to go all Buddhist on us!” We’re not doing anything drastic.


It’s just about taking some time for yourself, living a more simpler life and appreciating everything a lot more. A fantastic writer called Jocelyn de Kwant summarises it beautifully in one of her blogs: 

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It’s definitely something that’s not taken into consideration as much these days, with people constantly being ‘online’ and everything happening faster and faster with technology; we seem to free up more time only to fill it with more work and tasks to do. So this year myself & Sam are taking some of our time back, and to kick it all off we have started to meditate, now… we’re only beginners so we’ve downloaded a fantastic app called Headspace (check it out here: headspace.com) which talks you through your meditation day by day and really helps you relax and connect more with your mind (and now we sound like buddhists right?)

We’ve completed a few days and already we feel calmer, our minds feel less rushed and busy and it’s seemed to take a weight off our shoulders.

So if any of you are finding your 2018 busy already, instead of giving up on your fitness goals or stressing about them try finding some me-time. Download the app and see if it can help you achieve that Zen zone for a few minutes everyday. If you do let us know your experiences, thoughts and feelings, we’d love to hear them.


And welcome to 2018!