Do it Yourself Crossfit Workout


Okay so if you guys have seen our Instagram you'll know that Crossfit is a bit of a new obsession of ours. We basically watched 'Fittest On Earth' on Netflix (if you haven't seen it just shut down your computer and go now now now!) and we were SO impressed and SO motivated that we joined a CrossFit class the next morning.

After our first session we could hardly walk / talk / breathe, but we felt amazing! And so we wanted to share with you a little home workout you can do that sorta CrossFit style. Here goes:

Warm up:

Bear crawl around your room / garden twice (think walking on your hands and feet with a slight bend in the knee) Do this a quick as you can. Go go go!

3 rounds as quick as you can:

10 Burpees (yes we hate them too)
20 Push-ups opening to a Side Plank
30 Russian Twists
40 Squat Jumps (or squats if you get tired)
50 Reverse Lunges
60 Second Plank


Megan Plank

If you manage all 3 rounds then hats off to you because that's some hard graft! If you're a machine and it feels too easy you can add weights onto the Russian Twists or the lunges (hold a weight high over your head with both arms).

If you didn't manage all 3 then you're still a hard grafter! You can try this workout out again and just see how you improve. Practice makes perfect after all. For now I'm going to lie on the sofa and die after all those burpees....