sports massage

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After working hard at the gym your body can feel a little worse for wear, and sometimes it needs a little extra care and attention. That's where Sam steps in, as a fully qualified Sports Massage & Relaxation therapist, he knows just how to get those muscles in tip top shape so you can smash your goals all over again.

It's such a great addition to have alongside a well designed training programme and healthy eating regime. The wide range of benefits can vastly help you reach your fitness goals, as well as getting into that dreamy ‘zen zone’.



Improves circulation

With various massage techniques, blood circulation can be improved


Relieves tension

Massaging tight muscles can help with soothe various aches and pains


Improves mobility

By performing stretching techniques, mobility range can be increased


Aids performance

By keeping muscles looked after they can perform better in workouts and sports


Promotes Healing

Using various techniques, massage can aid recovery in muscle based injuries


Reduces Injury risk

By decreasing tightness and tension in muscles, injury risk can be lowered


get some relax time


Below are some pricing options and offers of how you can save a lot by adding a little. Plus for those of you who are also training with us, you get an awesome discount of 25% off each massage (who says we don't treat you ay).

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For your first massage which includes a consultation
(lasting one hour)



For 1 massage
(lasting 45 minutes)



For 6 massages
(each lasting 45 minutes)



For 12 massages
(each lasting 45 minutes)