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trust us, your best is yet to come

Our plans are tailored to you - whatever fitness level you may be, there’s no such thing as ‘not fit enough’, we’ll ensure you're challenged but not overwhelmed. On top of that, we’re as mobile as you need us to be. We can travel to you (with lots of trendy equipment) or take part in our online programmes. Flexibility at best!

To kick start all you need is to have a casual chat with one of us, then we can work out together whats going to work best for you.



Uniquely tailored

All plans are designed specifically for you and your unique requirments


Simple to use

All plans are made simple, using key exercises to reach your fitness goal


Progress tracked

All plans have organised points where you can see your progress


App available

All plans are app supported which has everything wrapped up in one place


Full support

We are here to give you the support and advice you need, anytime


Fairly priced

We have a range of pricing options which can offer flexibility when choosing costs


train with us


Below are some training options which allow you to save a lot by adding a little. There is also the Duo Session which means you can work out with a friend or family member and both get a lot out of one awesome fitness session.

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For 1 Personal Training session
(lasting one hour)

First session is half price!



For 6 Personal Training sessions
(each lasting one hour)



For 12 Personal Training sessions
(each lasting one hour)


Duo session £20.00

Per person for 1 joint session
(lasting one hour)

I’ve tried the gym before and I usually get bored and give up after a few sessions, training with New Age Active has been a completely different experience. I actually look forward to working out, which I honestly NEVER thought I would - ever! By having someone there it helps to keep you motivated and it’s also really useful learning different gym techniques that you can then use on your own. I can’t recommend them enough!
— Zoe
I have absolutely loved training with megan - every session is different. I really appreciate her no-pressure approach and all the encouragement she gives me when training. The complimentary food plan has also been great - I barely feel like I’m on a diet. I’ve lost a stone over the first 5 weeks and I’m really excited to keep going!
— Rosie
I have had one-to- one sessions with Sam for almost eight weeks and I am already seeing fantastic results. The tailored approach to training has allowed me to focus on my specific fitness goals and really helped me to push past the plateau I reached training on my own. The variety of exercises, in-depth subject knowledge and intensity of each session has not only helped me to achieve results in a short space of time, it has also rekindled my enjoyment for training and exercising.
— dom